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Bush Administration vs. Robot from Lost in Space

Bush Administration

claim to fame: 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and something called Freedom
consists of: Dick, Bush, Condi, Rummy, Johanns, Norton, Alberto "speedy" Gonzales, Gutierrez, Chao, Mineta, Leavitt (not to be confused with Takeitt), Snow (as in the stuff on the ground), Chertoff, Jackson, Nicholson, and Speelings (or is it spellings, no maybe splinngs, hmmm...)
strengths: ability to silence dissent, access to heavy weaponry, spreading "freedom" around the world, and stelaing elections
weaknesses: budgeting, social security, robot fights
friends: (big) Republicans, big oil, big tobacco, big steel, big Texas, big business, the UK (maybe), the EU (again, maybe)
enemies: anyone who isn't a friend, especially Liberals (boo! hiss!)


Robot from Lost in Space

claim to fame: Lost in Space
strengths: reading morse code ("Danger Will Robinson, Danger!"), reading data, sciencey stuff
weaknesses: Robot is quite old
friends: The Robinsons, specifically Will
enemies: Doctor Zachary Smith and his cronies, and in this case the Bush Administration

Note: for the sake of anyone questioning the robotness of the Bush administration I have viable proof of them actually being robots it can be found here
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