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claim to fame: futurama created by matt groening
stregnths: detatchable limbs, eight senses, gaydar, x-ray glasses, cheating unit, deatatchable head
weaknesses: alcoholism, no ability to taste, rusty beard, folk music, soap operas, orphans
friends: fry, leela, professor hubert j. farnsworth
enemies: mom's friendly robot company, sometimes himself


inspector gadget

claim to fame: comic strip by jean chalopin, nickalodean cartoon series (1983-1986), and a couple of horrible movies starring matthew broderick
stregnths: hammer, arms, legs, hand, squirt gun, screw driver, copter, copter spare, roller skates, binoculars, skis, whistle, space helmet, flash light, magna glass, camera, umbrella, lasso, scissors, coat,
mobile, handcuffs, badge, flowers, rocket skates, ice skates, saw, hand phone, windsail, laser, key, shoe magnets, fan, handkercheif, hat phone, aqua gear, satilite dish (super hearing), pen, lighter, cross-hairs, bucket, house, springs (hat & shoe), gas mask, van, finger, match, hand crank, hat fly swatter, top secret gadget phone, cup, siren, water canon, squirting water bottle, gadget skeleton key, gagdet cuckoo clock, ski poles, screw driver, wrench, glove, aqua lung, flippers, suction cups, boxing glove, yo-yo, refrigigadget, neck, gadzuka, neck tie lasso, top secret gadget phone, water skis, bolo balls, scissors, snow gun, respirator, mini-suit, mini-hat, mini-shoes, dome light, hand mirror, hands, can opener, breakfast, shaver, garage door, gadget's car/van gadgets, hilarious gas, glue gun, car lights, claw bumper, car laser, rear ejector seat, fireworks, overdrive
weaknesses: mistaking villians for innocent people trying to help, zero common sense, wrong gadget
friends: penny, brain, quimby
enemies: dr. claw, MAD agents
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