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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Subject:Robbie the Robot Vs. Robot B9
Posted by:mini_boone.
Time:6:13 pm.
Mood: calm.
Its the fight of the century except they aren't fighting you are just predicting who will win so lets get to it

Title: Robbie the Robot
Claim to Fame: The robot in Forbidden Planet
Strengths: walks awkwardly, movie superstar, assists humans, is witty, and inducted in the robot hall of fame
Weakness: is bound to his programs, and is short
Friends: Humans
Enemies: evil evillans

Title: Robot B9
Claim to Fame: Robot in Lost in Space and saying "Danger Danger"
Strengths: moves on treads, semi movie superstar
Weakness:not inducted in robot hall of fame, falls easily
Friends: people on Lost in Space
Enemies: Big hills
Comments: 3 predictions - who wins? .

Friday, September 9th, 2005

Subject:trolley trolley vs. nunu
Posted by:uglycass22.
Time:10:23 am.
welcome to PBS battle royale. lets keep this fight clean ...

Image hosted by

name: trolley trolley
claim to fame: mister roger's neighborhood transportation
strengths: he's a speedy little guy. and is able to travel through the feilds of make believe real life and beyond.
weaknesses: he's a bit tipsy. he is a trolley.
friends: mister rogers of course. and the whole community of make believe. this includes the king.
enemies: wtf?! trolley trolley?! enemies?! are you crazy?!

Image hosted by

name: Nunu
claim to fame: cleans up crums left by the teletubbies.
strengths: it sucks .... at life.
weaknesses: its kinda slow. and has crazy eyes.
friends: the teletubbies.
enemies: umm ... angry people.

this should be interesting ...
Comments: 5 predictions - who wins? .

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Posted by:milkface.
Time:1:08 pm.

NAME: scratch and grounder
CLAIM TO FAME: dr robotniks main henchmen setting up traps to capture sonic the hedgehog, and the best sega genesis game ever dr robotniks mean bean machine
STRENGTHS: grounder has a drill for a nose, scratch has the nastiest laugh ever
WEAKNESSES: pretty much their entire existance, but they are still really evil
FRIENDS: Arms, Frankly, Humpty, COCONUTS, Davy Sprocket, Skweel, Dynamight, Spike, Sir Ffuzzy-Logik, Dragon Breath, and of course Dr. Robotnik
SPECIAL SKILLS: not really any special skills
* A chili dog stand with wet cement in the floor in front of the stand.
* Attempting to run Sonic over with a steamroller.
* Grounder becoming a super-genius in record-breaking time.
* Shooting Sonic with a ray gun that transports him into a fairy tale book.
* Attacking Sonic dressed as knights.
* Attacking Sonic dressed as ninjas.
* Attacking Sonic dressed as pirates.
* Attacking Sonic dressed as Egyptian things.
* Arial assults with mini-zepplins


CLAIM TO FAME: character in FLCL (FOOLY COOLY) grew out of the main character's head
STRENGTHS: kicks ass, can fly, cooked bread i think in one episode, can transform self to aid in fighting
WEAKNESSES: kind of sensitive and thoughtful but not wussy doesn't really make him weak though so not really any weaknesses
FRIENDS: mamimi, naota, the world because he saves it pretty much
ENEMIES: any and all medical mechanica robots (has major robot fighting experiance)
SPECIAL SKILLS: considered a god, can cook food, good at baseball, has a sweet green jacket

Comments: 8 predictions - who wins? .

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Posted by:boon0044.
Time:6:44 pm.

Claim to fame: The Cubing episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Strengths: has six sides, multi colored, may be able to bore you to death with his boring stories
Weaknesses: Terrible at making crank calls
Firends: The All Knowing Wisdom Cube, Meatwad
Enemies: The Aqua Teens (minus Meatwad), Carl Brutananadilewski


Name: Roomba
Claim to Fame: Was featured in an Epcot demo before being released to the public
Strengths:120 minutes of cleaning power, active dirt response, air filter, automatic stair avoidance system, automatic surface transitioning, Bagless debris bin, cleaning intelligence, max mode, spot mode, virtual wall.
Weaknesses: 3 hour battery life
Friends: people who are too lazy to vacuum
enemies: people who want to walk around without fear of crushing their $300 vacuum.
Comments: 6 predictions - who wins? .

Posted by:nowincolor.
Time:3:11 pm.
Mood: bored.

claim to fame: futurama created by matt groening
stregnths: detatchable limbs, eight senses, gaydar, x-ray glasses, cheating unit, deatatchable head
weaknesses: alcoholism, no ability to taste, rusty beard, folk music, soap operas, orphans
friends: fry, leela, professor hubert j. farnsworth
enemies: mom's friendly robot company, sometimes himself


inspector gadget

claim to fame: comic strip by jean chalopin, nickalodean cartoon series (1983-1986), and a couple of horrible movies starring matthew broderick
stregnths: hammer, arms, legs, hand, squirt gun, screw driver, copter, copter spare, roller skates, binoculars, skis, whistle, space helmet, flash light, magna glass, camera, umbrella, lasso, scissors, coat,
mobile, handcuffs, badge, flowers, rocket skates, ice skates, saw, hand phone, windsail, laser, key, shoe magnets, fan, handkercheif, hat phone, aqua gear, satilite dish (super hearing), pen, lighter, cross-hairs, bucket, house, springs (hat & shoe), gas mask, van, finger, match, hand crank, hat fly swatter, top secret gadget phone, cup, siren, water canon, squirting water bottle, gadget skeleton key, gagdet cuckoo clock, ski poles, screw driver, wrench, glove, aqua lung, flippers, suction cups, boxing glove, yo-yo, refrigigadget, neck, gadzuka, neck tie lasso, top secret gadget phone, water skis, bolo balls, scissors, snow gun, respirator, mini-suit, mini-hat, mini-shoes, dome light, hand mirror, hands, can opener, breakfast, shaver, garage door, gadget's car/van gadgets, hilarious gas, glue gun, car lights, claw bumper, car laser, rear ejector seat, fireworks, overdrive
weaknesses: mistaking villians for innocent people trying to help, zero common sense, wrong gadget
friends: penny, brain, quimby
enemies: dr. claw, MAD agents
Comments: 26 predictions - who wins? .

Subject:the sentinels from the matrix vs. the starship enterprise
Posted by:4mv1530n.
Time:2:43 pm.

name: sentinels

claim to fame: destroying alot of shit in the matrix movies

strengths: hovering,long arms with pinchers, lazer breath

weaknesses: relying on humans to survive

friends:other killer robots, agent smith


name: the starship enterprise

claim to fame: star trek

strengths: flying

weaknesses:flown by humans

friends: captin kirk and the rest of the crew

enemies: borgs, the Romulans, the Dominion, KHAN, sometimes klingons and sometimes Q

Comments: 3 predictions - who wins? .

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Subject:The Mars Rover vs. The iMac G5
Posted by:boon0044.
Time:2:46 pm.

Name: Rover
Claim to Fame: Mars
Strengths: controlled by NASA, able to grab things, do scientific tests, and move about on the planet mars
Weaknesses: fragility is an issue for Rover


Name: iMac G5
Claim to fame: the official computer of many professional movie producers, musicians, and digital artists
Strengths: G5, two Firewire800 ports, and four USB ports allow for many plug and play devices like an isight camera, or (if invented) USB powered weapons, built in wifi allows it to access the internet and possibly hack into the mainframe of other robots, controlled by the user
Weaknesses: customizability isn't iMac's forte.
Comments: 8 predictions - who wins? .

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Posted by:milkface.
Time:8:44 pm.

claim to fame: amazing hair, good with animals, number one pet detective can you feel it huh can you feel it captain compost
strengths: can live through: a shark attack, falling off a water fall and beating up an aligator, getting physically harmed by almost all the members of the florida dolphins major league football team, is a being of light, master of disguises, basically everythingggggg
weaknesses: ITS KIND OF HOT IN THESE RHHINOS... GHOTTA GET SOME OXYGEN, scared of albino bats, three darts is too much, hates guano
friends: the watchooto, the wachati, fulton greenwall, DAN MARINO, melissa robinson
enemies: vincent cadby, quinn and the raven tinky, MR SHIKADANCE, lutenent einhorn, ray finkle, the monopoly guy
special skills: can talk really fast in one breath of air, can talk to animals through his butt, good at shooting spitballs

name: john henry irons or if you prefer, STEEL
claim to fame: uhhhh designed weapons to harmlessly neutralize enemies and then worked at a junkyard
strenghts: doesn't get hurt when lasers are shot at him, made of junkyard steel has a romance with a cripple
weaknesses: he is shaq
friends: susan sparks, uncle joe
enemies: inner city gangs using his weapons for evil, nathaniel burke (judd nelson)
speciel skills: none
Comments: 12 predictions - who wins? .

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Subject:Marvin from H2G2 vs. C3PO
Posted by:boon0044.
Time:12:35 pm.

Claim to Fame: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Strengths: Opening doors, fetching people for Zaphod Bebleborx, causing police vehicles to self-destruct, intelligent, large brain
Weaknesses: Maniacally Depressed


Name: C3PO
Claim to Fame: Star Wars
Strengths: None really, seems to be universally lingual good friends with R2D2 and could probably use that to his advantage.
Weaknesses: 3PO has a tendency to talk a lot
Comments: 4 predictions - who wins? .

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

Subject:megazord vs. optimus prime
Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:1:39 am.

name: megazord
claim to fame: mighty morphin power rangers
strengths: made up of several robots such as a t-rex, a sabertooth tiger, a pterodactyl, a mastodon, and a triceratops; can transform into a tank,...
weaknesses: power rangers suck
friends: power rangers
enemies: rita repulsa, lord zedd,...


name: optimus prime
claim to fame: transformers cartoon
strengths: transforms into a semitruck, has a laser,...
weaknesses: dies in the transformers movie
friends: autobots
enemies: decepticons
Comments: 5 predictions - who wins? .

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Subject:Bush Administration vs. Robot from Lost in Space
Posted by:boon0044.
Time:12:27 pm.
Bush Administration

claim to fame: 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and something called Freedom
consists of: Dick, Bush, Condi, Rummy, Johanns, Norton, Alberto "speedy" Gonzales, Gutierrez, Chao, Mineta, Leavitt (not to be confused with Takeitt), Snow (as in the stuff on the ground), Chertoff, Jackson, Nicholson, and Speelings (or is it spellings, no maybe splinngs, hmmm...)
strengths: ability to silence dissent, access to heavy weaponry, spreading "freedom" around the world, and stelaing elections
weaknesses: budgeting, social security, robot fights
friends: (big) Republicans, big oil, big tobacco, big steel, big Texas, big business, the UK (maybe), the EU (again, maybe)
enemies: anyone who isn't a friend, especially Liberals (boo! hiss!)


Robot from Lost in Space

claim to fame: Lost in Space
strengths: reading morse code ("Danger Will Robinson, Danger!"), reading data, sciencey stuff
weaknesses: Robot is quite old
friends: The Robinsons, specifically Will
enemies: Doctor Zachary Smith and his cronies, and in this case the Bush Administration

Note: for the sake of anyone questioning the robotness of the Bush administration I have viable proof of them actually being robots it can be found here
Comments: 1 predictions - who wins? .

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Subject:abc robot vs. robocop 2 (cain)
Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:1:15 am.

name: abc robot (war-bot)
claim to fame: Judge dredd movie
strengths: tough as shit, cool voice, pulls a guys arms off,...
weaknesses: can be re-wired by rob schneider
friends: rico (dredd's evil brother and ex-partner)
enemies: judge dredd, rob schneider


name: cain or robocop 2
claim to fame: robocop 2
strengths: he has a laser that burns thru robocops, he's powered by a super drug called "nuke".
weaknesses: addicted to nuke, he can be persuaded to do things for it.
friends: ocp, people who give him nuke
enemies: robocop, people who don't give him nuke
Comments: 3 predictions - who wins? .

Saturday, February 19th, 2005

Subject:R2D2 vs. VOLCANO
Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:2:39 pm.

name: R2D2
claim to fame: star wars
strengths: computer genius, rebel attitude, little probe that shocks things like yoda,...
weaknesses: once he falls down he can't get back up
friends: C3P0, luke skywalker,...
enemies: the empire, jawas,...


name: Volcano
claim to fame: burning people, errupting,...
strengths: shoots lava
weaknesses: none
friends: no one
enemies: R2D2
Comments: 6 predictions - who wins? .

Subject:data vs. the borg
Posted by:nowincolor.
Time:11:20 am.

claim to fame: star trek, the next generation
stregnths: positronic brain, no emotions, numerous promotions on the starship enterprise, strong arms, life experience.
weaknesses: occasionally robot women.
friends: tasha yar, captain jean-luke picard, dr. beverly crusher, worf
enemies: the borg queen, his own emotions chip


the borg

claim to fame: assimulation of captin of the enterprise, "resistance is futile"
stregnths: can follow orders, stregnth in numbers, network connection, adaptability
weaknesses: can't always outsmart the humans on board
friends: data (sometimes), jean-luke (sometimes).
enemies: everyone.
Comments: 5 predictions - who wins? .

Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:12:42 am.

claim to fame: robocop 1 & 2
strengths: cool gun comes out of his leg, knife comes out of his hand, computer brain,...
weaknesses: he's a cyborg and he's not all robot.
friends: detroit police department
enemies: ed209, cain/robocop 2, ocp


claim to fame: terminator 1 & 2
strengths: at times holds a shotgun, computer brain,....
weaknesses: in terminator 2 he has to protect people instead of just killing everyone
friends: nobody in therminator 1, sarah and john conner in t2.
enemies: that guy and sarah in the first one, and t1000 in t2.
Comments: 5 predictions - who wins? .

Friday, February 18th, 2005

Subject:Sexy Robot 1 vs. Sexy Robot 2
Posted by:xazlyx.
Time:7:25 pm.

name: Sexy robot 1
strengths: huge titties, shiny reflective skin
weaknesses: restrictive clothing prevents movement.
friends: Horny teenage boys who will use anything to get off.

name: Sexy robot 2
strengths: sweet ass, beautiful auburn hair, and purple boots that were made for walking (and kicking)
weaknesses: sexy male robots are distracting.
friends: She aint got none, shes a mercenary robot.
Comments: 5 predictions - who wins? .

Subject:JOHNNY 5 vs. C3P0
Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:4:41 am.

name: johnny 5
claim to fame: short circuit 1 & 2
strengths: tank treds, reads fast, laser,...
weaknesses: loves people, is nice, takes off his laser, isn't very good by himself in the city,...
friends: that scientist guy and the girl
enemies: military guys who want to capture him and use him for war


name: C3P0
claim to fame: star wars
strengths: speaks bachi
weaknesses: can't move very fast, falls apart and needs chewie to put him back together
friends: R2D2
enemies: jabba the hutt, the empire,...
Comments: 8 predictions - who wins? .

Posted by:testdepartment.
Time:12:12 am.

name: nathanial johnson
claim to fame: presenting the mpls scene to the suburbs of minnesota
strengths: lying, XslamXdancingX
weakness: girls under the age of 16
friends: darryn (darryn's dance moves, which nate helped choreograph)
enemies: drugs, the unfashionable

name: michael jackson
claim to fame: macaulay culkin
strengths: lying, moonwalking, the ablitiy to change color
weakness: boys under the age of 6, zoo animals
friends: john wayne gacy,
enemies: the police
Comments: 7 predictions - who wins? .

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

Posted by:bleachandchoke.
Time:11:18 pm.

claim to fame: made of various organic compounds produced by polymerization
strengths: lightning fast upper cuts
weakness: having his block knocked off
friends: whoever wears a red shirt
enemies: BLUE

claim to fame: sweetest name ever
strengths: glass jaw, super quick jabs.
weakness: getting rock em sock em'ed in the head
friends: children with adhd
enemies: RED, TED NUGENT
Comments: 3 predictions - who wins? .

Subject:CONKY vs. ED209
Posted by:batteryacidpies.
Time:9:28 pm.

name: conky
claim to fame: pee wee's playhouse
strengths: retractable cord, word of the day, wheels,...
weakness: stutter
friends: pee wee, chairy, terry, billy bologna, jambi,...
enemies: none


name: ed209
claim to fame: robocop movies
strengths: guns, scary voice,...
weakness: going down stairs
friends: ocp
enemies: robocop

Comments: 6 predictions - who wins? .

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