emily (nowincolor) wrote in robot_fights,

data vs. the borg


claim to fame: star trek, the next generation
stregnths: positronic brain, no emotions, numerous promotions on the starship enterprise, strong arms, life experience.
weaknesses: occasionally robot women.
friends: tasha yar, captain jean-luke picard, dr. beverly crusher, worf
enemies: the borg queen, his own emotions chip


the borg

claim to fame: assimulation of captin of the enterprise, "resistance is futile"
stregnths: can follow orders, stregnth in numbers, network connection, adaptability
weaknesses: can't always outsmart the humans on board
friends: data (sometimes), jean-luke (sometimes).
enemies: everyone.
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the borg do look more impressive, but data has more ability to reason i think. and his name is data. and he has the team of the starship enterprise on his side. and nobody could take down captain jean luc picard really. that shiny head. oh man. sheesh.
Well, i think both the borg and data are wussies. So this really comes down one thing. WORF!

If Worf is a friend of Data's, and he had that awesome klingon weapon, he'd destroy the borg. So i guess Data would win.
i remember the episode where worf went through puberty, it's probalby my only memory of watching that show.

it's because klingons go through puberty way later than humans.
HAHAHAHAHHHHAHA so hmm for all we know the borg hasn't even gone through puberty and is still a baby. A LITTLE BABY BORG WHO SUCKS AND LOSES
come on now this has be play out in the vt show and in the move. So i have to say it would be a tie . but if data VS.seven of nine now you are talking about a go fight.