Herman von Mexico (batteryacidpies) wrote in robot_fights,
Herman von Mexico

abc robot vs. robocop 2 (cain)

name: abc robot (war-bot)
claim to fame: Judge dredd movie
strengths: tough as shit, cool voice, pulls a guys arms off,...
weaknesses: can be re-wired by rob schneider
friends: rico (dredd's evil brother and ex-partner)
enemies: judge dredd, rob schneider


name: cain or robocop 2
claim to fame: robocop 2
strengths: he has a laser that burns thru robocops, he's powered by a super drug called "nuke".
weaknesses: addicted to nuke, he can be persuaded to do things for it.
friends: ocp, people who give him nuke
enemies: robocop, people who don't give him nuke
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