uglycass22 (uglycass22) wrote in robot_fights,

trolley trolley vs. nunu

welcome to PBS battle royale. lets keep this fight clean ...

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name: trolley trolley
claim to fame: mister roger's neighborhood transportation
strengths: he's a speedy little guy. and is able to travel through the feilds of make believe real life and beyond.
weaknesses: he's a bit tipsy. he is a trolley.
friends: mister rogers of course. and the whole community of make believe. this includes the king.
enemies: wtf?! trolley trolley?! enemies?! are you crazy?!

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name: Nunu
claim to fame: cleans up crums left by the teletubbies.
strengths: it sucks .... at life.
weaknesses: its kinda slow. and has crazy eyes.
friends: the teletubbies.
enemies: umm ... angry people.

this should be interesting ...
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